Suspenders, new fashion accessory


Suspenders have become more and more popular these last few years and today, they can be considered as true fashion phenomenon. They have come a long way from the strict working men image they used to have ! Suspenders have been reinvented so that they could step out of grandpa’s closets and reach a whole new generation. Bohemian, urban, rock,… Suspenders seem to fit every style and needs and are able to bring a real plus to any outfit, wether it is casual or formal. 

That being said, wearing suspenders requires to respect some very simple rules.

Suspenders = no belt !

This may seem like an obvious one but it’s always good to remind it : you don’t wear a belt when you’re already wearing suspenders. Beyond the aesthetic appearance, suspenders and belts serve the exact same purpose : holding your pants. Wearing the two at the same time therefore doesn’t make any sense.

Don’t overdo it

Suspenders are already quite a massive accessory so you don’t need to add a lot of colours or patterns. Choose a pair of suspenders in neutral, easy to wear hues that match your outfit (if you plan on wearing your suspenders with more than one outfit, stay away from vivid colours such as green or pink and keep it simple with classical hues such as burgundy or marine). Checks and dots are considered classical patterns and will be easier to match to your outfits than more original patterns such as rainbows or stars.

Tie or bowtie ?

Well, it depends on your style and on the occasion !

Suspenders can be worn alone for a more casual and fashion look but they can also be worn with bowties or ties for more formal occasions. The suspenders/tie combination, even if it’s often associated with Wall Street’s men, still is a very classical and timeless choice. You only have to pay attention to one thing : suspenders already are a pretty massive accessory, so you will have to play it down with your tie. Choose one that’s classic and discrete so that the finish look doesn’t feel too heavy.

A suspenders/bowtie combination is also very fashionable and perfect for a more formal outfit. More discrete than a tie, bowties are often easier to associate with suspenders. If your suspenders are basic, you can add a little originality with your bowtie. On the contrary, if your suspenders are already quite original, you cant one it down with a neutral bowtie.