Organise your wedding


Organizing a wedding if often associated with a lot of stress ! Edmunds offers you the possibility to delegate everything related to the groom’s accessories while receiving a personalized service of the highest quality. Bowties for adults as well as children, ties,… We take care of everything, from the start of the creative process up until production !

But how exactly does working with Edmunds go ?

Day 1 : The first step is the one that will require the most involvement from you : filling out our online quote (link here). Wedding date, how many pieces, additional details (for exemple, do you have any colour scheme, pattern ?),… Feel free to give us as many guidelines as possible !

Once the quote is filled, relax and think about something else, Edmunds has you covered  

Day 2 : Once we take note of your quote, our team will write back to you within the shortest time period possible to set up a meeting in our office.

Between then and the meeting : We take care of sourcing fabrics, patterns, colours,… in accordance with your requests.

Day of the meeting : You won’t need anything else but your good spirit ! We submit patterns, colors, ideas,… to you. The final decision is, obvisously, yours to make, nothing will be produced without you giving us the go-ahead.

A couple of days after the meeting : The production of the project you agreed on will be launched in our workshops. Have a little patience, your 100% personalized accessories are in preparation.

Day 40 : Roughly a month after lauching the production, your accessories will be be in your hands. A beautiful and original project, without stress !

Generally speaking, a maximum of 40 days will pass between the quote and the end of production. Should you need it, things can go even faster, don’t worry about it !

Reassured yet about the way we work ? We stay at your disposal for any further inquiries !

credit photo cover: L'Agence Photographique Fabienne et Carlos 
credit photo article: Elodie Deceuninck Photography