How to wear a bow tie ?


It took some time for bowties to be considered as a fashion accessory in their own right but since the mid 2000s, bowties are more and more popular. Worn by many TV and film characters (from James Bond to Doctor Who, to only name these two) the bowtie has become a very popular accessory. 

At Edmunds, we have made bowties one of our field of expertise. Here are a couple of advice to wear bowties and to match them to your  daily outfits.

1. Bowties no longer mean you have to wear a suit !

Bowties are no longer restricted to special occasions : you can now wear them everyday with casual outfits. With a cardigan or with a pair of jeans and sneakers, for example. The only thing to do is to always wear your bowtie with a shirt. The rest of your outfit can conform to your style and wants. 

Bowties are much more versatile than what people think !

2. Don’t be afraid to mix colours and patterns

If a marine or a brown bowtie is always a safe and easy bet, colourful bowties constitute a lot of fun options. It would be a shame to leave them all out !

For example, red will be the color of this summer. It’s the perfect occasion to experiment with bowties this color and add a little something to your outfits.

3. And above all : dare !

Bowties can adjust to any style and circumstances : you only have to dare ! From the simplest bowtie to the  quirkier, the only thing that matters is that you feel good. You have to find the style of bowtie that will fit your personal aesthetic and that will add a little bit of originality to your outfits. Nothing’s easier than that on Edmunds thanks to our extensive range !

Try it and you will love it !