Nuance Infuse, our first capsule



Nuance Infuse, workshop, created for a Spring collection with a range of designs for Edmunds. Unique pieces immortalized by photographer Jehanne Moll. 100% Belgian.

Nuance infuse and Edmunds were born at the turn of a trade show and wanted to collaborate on an original project.

Since its debut in 2014, Edmunds wanted to differentiate them by offering fun and offbeat pieces. We will now offer capsule collections, the fruit of partnerships with other Belgian artists. These unique limited edition designs expand Edmunds' flagship product line of bow ties.

Nuance infuse signs the first capsule collection. Behind this name is the personalized stationery project created in May 2016 by graphic designer Loranne Haugen. A graduate of the Beaux-Arts, her graphic universe is resolutely poetic and a vector of emotions.

Even if she usually expresses herself through paper, Loranne has always wanted to extend her know-how to the fashion world that she particularly likes. Faithful to its paw and its attention to detail, the textile now comes to complete its supports of expression.

Colorful impressions, metamorphoses and poetic flights inspired by organic forms are at the heart of this spring capsule with powdery shades. A soft universe declined in three patterns that we invite you to discover from March 27th. Accessories are available here!

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