#1 Call it Edmunds!

December 18, 2019

#1 On l'appelera Edmunds!

The story with a great H

⏳ Edmunds first appeared in 2014. Imagine two young students/young graduates who are in love walking in the hand one night in the winter. The young man wants to wear for the Christmas Eve an accessory that will do its full effect: a beautiful colored butterfly node ...

Finding nothing to meet his expectations, he asks his friend to make one. Together, they goate a colourful and festive cloth, the young woman tries to the sewing machine and ... PAF ... The first Edmunds butterfly node was born. It will not take 2 minutes of reflection to Camille to imagine a great stylist specialized in accessories for men and to embark on the creation of a brand. Yes, but it will need a name ... His green parrot (Mr Edmond) passing by and Matthew having too much of his word to say (😅) it is naturally that the parrot imposed its name and profile as a brand image.

A few days/weeks/months of prototyping, market analysis, supplier searches. At the time, Facebook Was still reserved for young people, and the young brand quickly found a public to support it and follow its adventures.


Meanwhile, the Camille and Matthew have grown up. He graduate in Marketing finds work in a bank. She works as an interior architect and slowly continues to grow Edmunds until the day of the big jump ...

Cap or not heading?

A beautiful day in October 2016, they take their destiny in their own hands. They decide to stay the course, to play the whole thing, that it is now or never, that it is better to live with remorse than with regrets and above all to keep the soul of a child and always seek to fulfill his dreams.

-- > the video is the sensation that you have when you are lances in a 100 % adventure (in addition you love this movie so voila 😅)


... following the adventures of Edmunds will be announced on our Instagram page 🎉 You know what you have to do ... (the page to follow is @edmunds.be  🌈)


By Mr Edmond 🦜

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