# 2 True story

December 21, 2019

#2 True story

Now that you know the story with a capital H, it's time to tell you about Mr. Edmunds, not to be confused with Mr. Edmond (the green beast🦜)!


👆 this is Mr Edmunds at the bank. Not running your banker in a bow tie ?!😍

So, close your eyes and imagine 2 minutes: This young man, freshly graduated, going to the bank every day ... The weather is gray and gloomy, the suit and tie required. One day he wakes up and decides that today will be different. He wears his bow tie with colorful patterns because ultimately that is really him. So believe us or not, but her day was REALLY different!

The power of the bow tie

That day he discovered the real power of the bow tie: to make you smile 😃 So there is a bow tie for every occasion:

🍀 The bow tie brings good luck: the one you wear to your Flemish oral or to your first job interview,

🤵 The bow tie for D-Day: the one you wear at your wedding or at the baptism of your little goddaughter,

🎄 The Christmas bow tie: the one that will make your grandmother crack and relegate the costume your uncle wears to the rank of disguise

That day, we understood one thing: there is a bow tie for each daring who lies dormant deep inside us 🌈.

by Mr Edmond 🦜

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