# 3 Why sales?

January 03, 2020

#3 Pourquoi des soldes?

First of all let us wish you a happy new year 2020 full of surprises and projects. We are sure that your bow tie must have had an effect during the end of the year celebrations 🎉 And who says end of the year says return of the sales period ...

So the sales, that's a very thorny subject within our small community. Indeed, we denounce this emblematic phenomenon of fast fashion which consists in mass producing and liquidating the remaining stocks at a discount.

At Edmunds, year after year we try to manage our production as well as possible, which allows us not to have to liquidate our stock during the sales period. This year is a little different though.

Indeed, 2019 was a difficult year to manage because the Edmunds team was requisitioned to manage the production of costumes for the skating show "Holiday On Ice" (we will tell you about this adventure in a future article)😱). In view of the stock we have left, we exceptionally organize sales during the month of January.

So you get it right, if you still hesitate to relegate your old tie for a super trendy, fun and colorful accessory: now is the moment, this is the moment!

Here is a little guide to find your way around:



🤵🏼👰🏼 Your buddy is getting married this summer and you want to steal the show !? These knots are made for you!

🙈 Is your 20 year old belt about to drop and you care about your dignity? These suspenders are waiting for you!

🎁 Your brother was born in January and you have the chance to give him a special gift every year? This knot is there for you!

🤓 Are you the GIGA organized type and already thinking about your Valentine's Day (or Father's Day) gifts? These knots are there for you!

✌🏼 Are you just a daring guy who wants to be stylish every day? In addition to having our respect, these knots are there for you!

🎀 Are you the one who doesn't like codes and routine? We also thought of you! 

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