# 5 The tastes and the colors, that cannot be discussed

January 22, 2020

#5 Les goûts et les couleurs, ça ne se discute pas

Dear Edmundist,

As winter promises to be dull and snowless; we want to take off and think about spring and the most beautiful season of the year: summer of course 😎!

As many of you ask us the question: today we will be debating the theme of colors and patterns.

Please note: no arguments; tastes and colors that cannot be discussed 😅

Color side 🌈

The colors we will remember for this summer are first and foremost a variation of turquoise tones, from the brightest to the brightest. We associate these tones with a sand color palette; which allows to temper the bright blues.

Electric blue qhe was already present last summer is affirmed; but gradually turns into Majorelle Blue and invites us to travel; in the shade of an arabesque garden. We combine it with complementary tones like ocher or orange red.

This year the purple tones are in the spotlight, ranging from purple in tones eggplant. Since purple is definitely not the favorite color of our men, we suggest working it in small touches combined with a palette of tones light pink.

Pattern side 🐆🌸🌿

Flowers are always in order; we love the watercolor effect of hand-painted flowers, the organized disorder of a bouquet of wild flowers💐.

Animals are always in order; the leopard🐆 for those in whom the wild world sleeps; lobsters 🦞 will be back for the most mischievous. 

What's new in all of this? Well at Edmunds we like to get you involved; so every Friday you will find on our Instagram page two different reasons for which you will have the opportunity to vote! The designs that win the most votes will be produced; so we offer you the opportunity to participate directly in the creation and development of your favorite brand! But not only…. Since this year Edmunds is doing a little more for the planet 🌍; no more unnecessary stocks that we do not know what to do with… This system will gradually allow us to better manage stocks; we will apply the same principle to the production of boxers, which many of you are impatiently awaiting 😱 !

So much for today 

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