# 6 Long live the newlyweds!

February 06, 2020

#6 Vive les mariés!

Hello to you dear Edmunds fan,

Here we are already in February 😱 Mr. Edmond's favorite season is fast approaching and Edmunds is already ready to welcome his bride and groom. So if you or one of your friends gets married this summer and you want to bring a super touch original and quirky: you have come to the right door!

Your first question will certainly be: "Yes, but What, How, Where, How much ⁉️"; you are definitely curious! Hang on tight because today we tell you all about weddings.Because yes, the rumors are true: Edmunds offers ultra personalized service at events 🎨

1️⃣ Making contact

We generally advise you to contact us 2 months in advance to be comfortable! You will find herea contact form 🖍, if you feel like a poet you can also send us an email📨 obviously mentioning the date of the event, the number of pieces, etc ... and if you are really too lazy, you can always call us 📱

2️⃣ The choice of the pattern

So there are two things: either you know exactly what you want; in this case you will brief us on the color and type of patterns you are looking for and we will make several pattern proposals for you along with a price offer depending on the quantities. All of this can be done by email;

Either you are completely lost in all this choice, in this case: don't panic, we make an appointment to show you our different achievements and find together what you want for the big day. This is the most complicated part; but also the funniest one: agreeing on the pattern 🤗

3️⃣ Production 4-5 weeks

Once it's done; we can start production. It takes about 4 to 5 weeks for the making. There all you have to do is sit down and make your seating plan and talk about flowers with your mother-in-law 🤯

Isn't everything clear yet? Don't worry, we're here to answer your questions!What about the different types of knots? We propose 4 different types of knots: the standard, the romantic, the slim and the self-tie knot for the most skilled; for this I suggest you refer to our article on the different types of knots.

4️⃣ So much good news it's going to cost me a kidney 💸 !

Although the idea of ​​opening an organ donation center has crossed our minds, the answer is no! As newlyweds, we have come to realize the importance of making your wedding unique. We therefore decided to offer the custom knots (from 5 pieces) at a lower price than our collection. Prices therefore start at € 35 and are decreasing from 10 items ordered. 🎉

🧵Other custom-made products?

Well you will be happy to learn that we can make other accessories according to your request, for example headbands or small bows for the hair of little bridesmaids for example.And soon our range will offer an assortment of ultra colorful socks to match with the bow tie ’(butshhh 🤫 only the most loyal readers can know)

Suspenders or Vest?

That’s the question! We will tell you that it is above all a question of style and temperament! The suspenders have a less conventional side than the vest. The suspenders are worn over a fairly simple white shirt, perfect for a country wedding! The waistcoat is appropriate in a slightly more strict and conventional setting; however, the most important thing is that your outfit matches your way of being!

🚨404 ERROR or things to avoid?

- Avoid the too much effect: The cardigan with the floral back will go better with a solid knot in the same colors and vice versa; a plain cardigan will be perfect to associate with a patterned bow.

- Large patterns generally correspond better to more extravagant temperaments; small patterns will be perfect for more discreet temperaments.

- Regarding colors, we generally recommend working with a certain type of pattern for the groom's knot and declining it in another color for the suite in order to distinguish the groom from his suite during the event and in the photos.You are also offered to tune the groom's knot to those of the children of honor, acting as a reminder.

- For the following knots, we advise you to work with colors that can correspond to the greatest number so as not to disgust the refractories of the bow tie if you know what I mean😇

- In general, have a memory of this super important day. For years to come you and your pals will have a little thought for this day every time you take that unique bow tie out of your closet!

Here it is! More and more of you are following our stories and that makes us really happy. Stay well connected because in a few days, the new collection will show up. 😯

Beautiful day 🌈


Photo credit: Elodie Deceuninck



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