#7 Pre-sales

April 13, 2020

#7 Les pré-ventes

The upheavals we've all experienced in recent times have made us take a step back from our commitments and what really matters🤨.

In this process, we are more valiant than ever to defend the values that we hold dear: "To offer a more responsible vision of fashion by offering quality products made with respect for man and nature"🌍

This more responsible view of fashion implies the notion ofBetter inventory management. If, like us, you are disgusted to see the shelves overflowing with old stocks (perhaps produced for nothing) during the sales period, then you are reading the right article 🧐.

It is with this in mind thatEdmunds launches the concept of pre-sales:

- We are developing a mini-collection,

- We are launching the pre-order period on the site,

- Start-up production based on orders received,

- Sending orders on the announced date.

If the idea has seduced you and you also want to be an actor of change, all you have to do is place your order and especially to talk about it around you!

It's all about you 👊🏼

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