# 8 Eco-responsible

April 13, 2020

#8 Eco-responsable

As we told you in our January article about our 2020 good resolutions;Edmunds wishes to take the step to defend a fairer and more engaged fashion by putting forward values ​​which seem fundamental to us:

The preservation of the planet 🌍 and production methods that highlight people💪.

I imagine that you have probably already read these figures, of which we will only cite one or two examples so as not to fall into total depression 😅

- The equivalent of 15 tonnes of plastic is dumped into the oceans every minute (WWF sources)

-14%of waste in the oceans is made up of plastic bottles ...

We want to climb the walls!

It is with this in mind that the Edmunds team did the necessary research to change the printing medium which initially consisted of a cotton and silk blend to replace it with a fabric whose base is made of recycled polyester. , also called Rpet ♻️.

Rpet is a material obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles; these are recast and filled in order to obtain a fabric that is soft to the touch and has good resistance and color characteristics.

Thus, bow ties will now be made only from this type of fabric labeled Global Recycled Standard.

And since at Edmunds we don't do things halfway, you will also find on our site our first collection of swimsuits made from this same range of labeled fabrics but designed to resist water; and only available in pre-sales so as not to produce unnecessary quantities and to be reduced strictly on demand.

So at Edmunds, we position ourselves against the giants of fashion; and we rely on the power of consumers to make a difference.

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