How to wear the bow tie?

October 01, 2019

Comment porter le nœud papillon ?

The bow tie took a long time to be considered a fashion accessory in its own right, but since the mid-2000s the bow tie has continued to gain in popularity. Worn by many characters from series and movies (from James Bond to Doctor Who to name a few) the bow tie is a popular accessory today.

At Edmunds, we've made the bow tie one of our specialties! So here are some tips for incorporating it into your everyday outfits.

  • Bow tie does not (or rather, more) suit!

  • The bow tie is now worn casually and is no longer just for special occasions. So don't hesitate to wear it offbeat, with a cardigan or over jeans and a pair of sneakers.The only thing to respect is to always wear it with a shirt. The rest can be perfectly adapted to your desires and your style. The bow tie ’is a much more versatile accessory than you might think!

  • Do not be afraid of associations of color and patterns

  • While a plain navy or brown bow tie is the safest and easiest option to match, colored or patterned bow ties represent so many options that it would be a shame to leave out!

    This summer, for example, red will be particularly fashionable.The opportunity to experiment with knots of this color

  • Above all ... Get started!

  • The bow tie can be adapted to all styles and all circumstances:you just have to dare to start! From the simplest to the most quirky, the key is to find the style of bow tie ’that suits you and that will add an original touch to your outfits.Nothing could be easier on Edmunds thanks to our wide range.

    To try it is to adopt it.

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