The straps, new fashion accessory

October 01, 2019

Les bretelles, nouvel accessoire de mode

The straps have become popular in recent years and have now become true fashion phenomena. Far from the image of the businessman a little (too) strict or the work clothes of the 1920s,the ramp has reinvented itself in order to get out of Grandpa's closet and reach a whole new audience! Bohemian style, urban, rock... The strap adapts to all your desires and style to bring a real plus to your outfits, whether they are casual or on the contrary dressed.

The straps are, however, an accessory whose wearing requires a few simple rules.

Straps - no belt!

The most obvious rule, but one that is always worth remembering: you don't wear a belt when you're already wearing a pair of straps.Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the straps and belt have exactly the same purpose, hold your pants. Wearing both on one outfit therefore makes no sense.

Avoid overloading your outfit

The straps are a rather imposing accessory, so you don't need to be overloaded with colors or patterns.So choose a pair of straps in colors that are easy to wear and match your outfit (If you plan to wear your straps with several different outfits, forget the bright or original colors and prefer more classic shades like burgundy or navy blue).If tiles or peas are classic patterns that are easy to match, avoid over-loaded or overly original patterns (such as rainbow or star straps, for example).

Tie or bow tie?

It all depends on your style and the occasion!

The straps can be worn on their own for a more casual or fashionable look. However, they can also be accompanied by a bow tie or tie for more chic outfits. The strap/tie combo, while still often associated with Wall Street financiers, remains a classic and timeless option. However, be sure to choose accessories in neutral shades that match the rest of your outfit:the straps are already an imposing accessory, the tie must complement it, not add

Pairing your pair of straps with a bow tie is also very fashionable for a more formal outfit. Less imposing than a tie, the bow tie is often easier to match with straps.If your straps are classic, you can afford a little fantasy at the knot. Conversely, if your straps are already loaded (pattern or color), soothe with a more conventional knot so as not to overload your outfit..

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