The Edmunds claw

Since 2014, the Belgian brand Edmunds sells bowties and men accessories in a range of patterns, sizes and colors. Founded by Camille de Meeus and myself (Matthieu Blanpain), the brand regularly offers new products as well as a customization service for weddings and companies. Edmunds is a company with lots of projects and in a state of growth.

Our goal ? To offer products that make people smile. Why ? Because we believe that it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. Therefore, we revisit traditional accessories such as bowties, suspenders or ties through colorful patterns. Our products are sold in more than 40 shops in Belgium as well as on our e-shop.

Our pet, a parrot named Edmond, gave his name to the brand and is very present in our communication. We post pictures of him on our social media, he was the inspiration for our logo,…Edmond is an integral part of our company.